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The Sunflowers


Sunflowers have been a part of me since I was a little girl. I fell in love with them immediately and loved to wander through fields of blooming sunflowers. I always imagined that they were people directing their heads to the sun. I was enchanted by the fact that sunflowers actually move their heads towards the sun, from different directions at different times of the day and at sunrise. The flower’s center is full of black seeds, surrounded by yellow leaves, like a golden crown on its head. Sunflowers are an endless source of inspiration in my art, and over the years they have definitely come to identify me. 
There is something very human about sunflowers, which have been blessed with a strong and tall stem, like a spinal column. When they flower, they celebrate their overflowing fecundity and carry in their heads the seeds of many more sunflowers to come. Once the sunflower dries up and completes its role, it hunches its head downwards and withers just like a human being who ages and increasingly decays – when it departs it leaves a family behind, just like the seeds of the fecund sunflower which leaves behind the next generation.  
The precise shape of the sunflower is also reminiscent of the mandala; it has a round center, surrounded with yellow leaves arranged with precision in a symmetrical order. The creation of mandalas similar to sunflowers accompanies my artistic practice even when I address other subjects. I express myself in my artistic practice in and my drawings, paintings and other works through the inspiration of sunflowers. 
One might say my love for sunflowers is fateful and eternal.


ברישום המצורף אפשר לראות אותי כילדה בגיל 10 וכבר אז תמיד הייתי עם חמניה ביד בצורה הכי טבעית לי בעולם כבר משחר ילדותי.


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The Sunflowers Gallery

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